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What is your studio’s philosophy of dance training?

We offer a diverse schedule of classes; however, we are focused on providing a good foundation in three primary styles of dance: tap, jazz, and ballet.  These are the three disciplines of dance that I believe offer the widest opportunity for a student to receive a well-rounded dance education.


Are you a competition studio? 

Although we do have students in performance classes, they represent a very small portion of our total student enrollment.  I believe that competitions have a valid place in being PART of a student’s dance experience.  However, I am much more interested in training than in trophies. If the full-blown competition experience and program is what you are seeking, you will not find it here.


I noticed you do TWO recitals a year.  Why?

Actually, we do one showcase towards the end of the first semester, and a traditional recital at the end of the second semester.  The showcase is in the same venue as our recitals, and there are low-key costumes involved.  The two main reasons we do two shows a year are first, to show the parents how much the student has learned and progressed and second, because dance is a performing art.  I believe the more opportunities the students have to perform, the more easily they will develop some of the great things dance can provide them, like poise and self-confidence.


Do you have any contracts to sign?

The only participants at our studio who sign contracts are members of our performance groups.  That is because we need them to commit to the entire year of classes, training, performances and events.  For everyone else, you are not committed to the entire school year. We bill for tuition every two months.  Payment is due by the beginning of every two months.  We assume you are continuing unless you notify us otherwise.  The vast majority of our students begin in September, and continue through to the spring recital. 


What do you look for in your teachers?

We are fortunate to have some really wonderful teachers!  First and foremost, they must have a strong passion for working with children.  They must be reliable, dependable, consistent in their presentation of information, enthusiastic, knowledgeable about their subject, well-organized, and have good communication skills.  Some of our dance instructors have degrees in dance, some have teaching degrees and have grown up dancing at our studio, some have their own dance companies and/or professional performing backgrounds.  All of our instructors have been matched up with specific classes  to teach exactly what their forte is.


I’m concerned about what costumes, music and choreography will be used.  Are these things age-appropriate at your studio?

In a word, YES!  In the 22 years our studio has been in business, having age-appropriate costumes, music and choreography has been one of our most important goals.  It is my strongest conviction to provide our children with a safe environment for learning and growing in their appreciation of dance.  Having them dress or dance way beyond their years does nothing to accomplish that.  I am extremely proud and grateful that the usual comment made by parents is along the lines of “Thank you for letting kids be kids!  We appreciate their tasteful costumes and dances!”  Music to my ears! 

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